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Terre Borromeo – Sag

Terre Borromeo is the brand identifying the cultural and natural sites that were associated with the Borromeo family in the distant past. The fiefdom that was assigned by the Viscontis at the time included the territories facing onto Lago Maggiore.

Terre Borromeo includes: Isola Bella and Isola Madre in the archipelago of the Isole Borromee; Parco Pallavicino in Stresa; Parco del Mottarone with its 500 hectares of woodland along the slopes of the mountain of the same name; Rocca di Angera, on the Lombard side in the province of Varese, and the Castles of Cannero, located in the Upper Vergante, today in a restoration phase with envisaged opening to the public within the next three years.

Terre Borromeo, which in 2019 registered over 850 thousand presences of visitors, presents itself as a place for exclusive and diversified experiences of a cultural, artistic, naturalistic and sporting nature. The proprietors’ aim is to share the heritage of history and culture that began in the 15th century, to conserve its extraordinary beauty and hand it down to future generations, with particular regard for innovation and the continuous renewal of the experiences that can be lived here.

Terre Borromeo’s administrative, managerial, marketing and communication activities are controlled by SAG Srl, a company founded in June 1983 to increase and develop tourism in the Lago Maggiore area and transform it into an exclusive, high-profile destination. The firm’s distinctive values are eclecticism in conceiving new initiatives in the spirit of Italian taste, the continuous search for excellence to satisfy visitors’ expectations and ethics understood as a daily commitment to guarantee the best possible service to the public, investing in the conservation and safeguarding of the territory to share its cultural and environmental value with people.