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Castelli di Cannero

In 1519 Ludovico Borromeo settled on the islets opposite Cannero and Cannobio. Exactly five centuries later the works for the restoration of the Cannero Castles start again.

Three years is the time required to transform them into a museum that will tell the story of the castle through the centuries, thanks to the finds discovered during the archaeological excavation campaigns and with the help of appropriate information technology.

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Its multi-faceted spirit and aristocrat allure make this fortress the perfect setting for a special day.


The educational proposal for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools extended to all locations in the Terre Borromeo.


Terre Borromeo: more than a million visitors in 2023

An extraordinary season for the tourism sites owned by the Borromeo family on Lago Maggiore has recently concluded.


Stresa Festival, four musical evenings on the Isole Borromee

The summer’s most charming musical appointment in Lago Maggiore and the Golfo Borromeo has come around again: Stresa Festival returns to the Isole Borromee


The Parco Pallavicino “family” is extended

In the natural oasis of Stresa, where over 60 species of mammals and birds have found their home, two kangaroos, a Patagonian mara, two goats and six fallow deer have all been born in the last few months.

Terre Borromeo

A story of love, protection and respect that has lasted for six centuries.

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  • Terre Borromeo is easily accessible! They are only an hour and a half from Milan and easily reachable from the main airports. Find out how to reach them by car, train and how to book the ferry that will take you to the islands.
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Anche nelle giornate più grigie, il Lago Maggiore riesce a brillare. Le sue acque possiedono una pacifica tranquillità, a ricordare che la bellezza non si limita al calore dell'estate.


Even on the grayest of days, Lake Maggiore manages to shine. Its waters hold a peaceful tranquility, one that reminds that beauty is not limited to the heat of summer.

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Grazie a tutti coloro che hanno reso possibile un’altra magica stagione a Terre Borromeo, rendendo ogni visita ai nostri luoghi così speciale.


Thanks to all of those who made it possible to have another magical season at Terre Borromeo, making every visit to our locations so special.

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2023 stagione da record: oltre 1 milione di visitatori ha scelto i siti di Terre Borromeo. Grazie a tutti, vi aspettiamo il prossimo anno!

2023 record-breaking season: over 1 million visitors chose the sites of Terre Borromeo. Thank you all, we look forward to seeing you next year!

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Tra angoli che raccontano di epoche passate, ninfee che danzano in vasche traboccanti e viali fioriti, alle Isole Borromee troviamo un rifugio per l’anima.


Amid the corners that tell of bygone eras, water lilies dancing in overflowing pools and flower-lined pathways, at the Borromeo Islands we find a refuge for the soul.

Video credits: @francescaguidieventplanner 

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"L’anima è sorpresa da questo contrasto romanzesco, rievocando con diletto i prodigi dei romanzi, nei quali dopo aver superato rocce e paesi aridi, ci si ritrova in luoghi fatati."
Continua così la descrizione delle Isole Borromee nel "Saggio sul gusto nelle cose della natura e dell’arte" di Montesquieu. 

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Have you visited us yet? We'll be waiting for you until November 5.

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