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Two special visiting experiences in the company of two experts on the secret beauties of the Isole Borromee.

Cultural Experience
In the Sala delle Regine [Queens’ Room], which is among the most opulent in Palazzo Borromeo and is usually closed to the general public, it will be a unique experience to be able to meet the curator of the Borromeo museum heritage, Serena Sogni, personally.
She tells of the history of Isola Bella and its development project, in its transformation from rock to vessel of wonder.

Botanical Experience
An amazing trip with Gianfranco Giustina, Nobel prizewinner for botany and curator of the gardens of the Isole Borromee. A trip to discover the rare collections that have given rise to a floating Eden of unexpected beauty. Each species is associated with a history with long-standing fascination: that of the camphor, two hundred years long, that of the cypress from Kashmir, brought down by a whirlwind and today reborn, and then the terrace of the proteas, the symbol of South Africa.

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