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Dates and Times – Isola Bella, Island Madre and Rocca di Angera

Every day, with the following opening hours:
• Isola Bella: 10am-5.30pm (last entry) Palazzo closes 6pm, Garden closes 6.15pm
• Isola Madre: 10am-4pm (last entry) Palazzo closes 4.30pm, Garden closes 4.45pm
• Parco Pallavicino: from Monday to Friday 12pm-5.30pm (last entry) | closure 6pm; Sat–Sun 10am-6pm (last entry) | closure 6.30pm
• Rocca di Angera*: Mon–Fri 12 noon-5.30pm (last visit) closes 6pm
Sat–Sun 10am-5.30pm (last visit) closes 6pm
Ala Scaligera Mon–Sun 12 noon-5.30pm (last visit) closes 6pm
*Access to the Rocca di Angera is allowed free of charge as far as the cafeteria/bookshop, where the tickets for admission to the museum are on sale. You access the courtyard and the rooms of the Castle via the garden.


Will the museums be visitable in their entirely?

Yes, and we recommend that you devote some of your time to the exhibitions:
• Vitaliano VI. The Invention of Isola Bella staged in the Salone Nuovo in Palazzo Borromeo on Isola Bella. The exhibition is included in the admission ticket.
• Fantastic Utopias a previously unseen contemporary art project staged in the Ala Scaligera of the Rocca di Angera. The exhibition is included in the admission ticket. Visitors are accompanied by a guide on the visit itinerary. (languages: Italian, English, French, German)


What measures have you adopted for a fully safe visit?

• You are advised to arrive with a ticket already purchased online via the platform, where it is also possible to add transportation by motorboat from Stresa.
• By downloading ufirst, a free platform available as an app and on the web, you can book your visit virtually at your preferred time; you receive a notification as your turn approaches and at that point it will be possible to go to the museum and enjoy priority access.
• Respecting the safety regulations, numbers allowed access to the sites may be limited.
• It is not possible to enter the park if you have a high temperature (over 37.5°) or other symptoms of influenza and where hazardous conditions exist, such as coming from risk areas or in close contact with persons testing positively for the virus in the last 14 days or coming from abroad in the last 14 days.
• Access is only permitted if you are wearing a face mask.
• You are advised to wash your hands frequently; hand sanitising gel dispensers are available along the visiting routes and in the toilets.
• Always keep a distance of more than one meter from the other visitors and from the park personnel.


What services are available for visitors with disabilities?

Disabled visitors with a certified disability of 30% or more are entitled to a 50% discount, which is also applicable to their companion.
A lift is available on Isola Bella, on the ground floor of Palazzo Borromeo, and can be used on request made to the personnel at the admission control point.

A lift is available at the Rocca di Angera, on the ground floor of the Ala Scaligera, which takes you to the third floor, which is then connected to the Hall of Justice and the Historical Rooms. If the Ala Scaligera is closed, it is necessary to ask the personnel in the cafeteria or the ticket office.

On Isola Madre, due to the particular geographical morphology of the location and its gardens, as well as the restrictions put in place by the Government Cultural, Architectural and Landscape Heritage Service, access proves difficult for persons with motor disabilities.

Access is permitted for the visually impaired with a guide dog.


Is it possible to book a guided visit?

It is possible to purchase the guided visit, which is reserved for a small number of people/family group, on site.


Is it possible to hire the audioguide?

No, we recommend that you download the Isole Borromee app from the Google Play and iTunes app stores.


Is it possible to purchase combined tickets?

All the combined tickets, for open-ended use, can be purchased on the platform. It is also possible to add tranportation to the Isole Borromee by motorboat.
It is obligatory to confirm your booking at least one day in advance by phoning the number shown on the voucher. Notification of the opening hours will be given on confirmation of the service. The municipal regulations currently in force for passenger transport are as follows:
• Sanitisation of surfaces frequently touched by passengers (handrails, support points for hands, etc.) at the end of each ride.
• Obligation to maintain a distance of 1m between all passengers, the requirement to remain seated.
• Customers must embark wearing a face mask before boarding.
• There are hand sanitising gel dispensers on the boats.
• The captains are provided with masks and gloves.
• General sanitisation of all transportation at the end of each day.


Are your cafeterias open?

All the cafeterias located at the museum sites and in the gardens are open so that visitors can enjoy a peaceful and safety break.


Is it possible to consume packed lunches in your gardens?

It is not possible at the sites of Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Rocca di Angera. It is possible in the Parco Pallavicino where visitors could consume its packed lunch in the picnic areas.


Are the bookshops open?

Yes, they are open. The bookshop in the Parco Pallavicino will be open from 1 June.


Are the activities in Vicolo del Fornello on Isola Bella open?

The Emporio and Vicolo boutiques are open from Monday 18 May with articles for the home, perfumes, jewellery, textiles and clothes.
Customers are advised that items tried on and not purchased will be sanitised before being put back on display. The Fope jeweller’s will be open from 1 June. The Fornello, Bottega con Cucina bistro will reopen in the month of June.


Are The Borromeo’s Dream Homes available for booking?

Bookings are open for all the apartments, up to 8 bed places. An additional service of sanitisation of the whole apartment is guaranteed before each new guest enters.


Are the animals in the Parco Pallavicino safe?

There is no evidence of contagion and the official declarations by the National Federation of Orders of Italian Veterinarians state that they have no evidence of the possibility of transmission between people and animals. However, you are advised not to pet the animals.

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"Come varia il colore
delle stagioni,
così gli umori e i pensieri degli uomini.
Tutto nel mondo è mutevole tempo.
Ed ecco, è già pallido,
sepolcrale autunno,
quando pur ieri imperava
la rigogliosa quasi eterna estate."
(Vincenzo Cardarelli)
C’è qualcosa della natura, nei mesi più silenziosi, che ha sempre ispirato poeti, scrittori e artisti. Questa forse è la ragione che li ha portati anche sull'Isola Bella e sull'Isola Madre. 
Vi viene in mente qualche nome famoso?
"As the color of
the seasons varies,
so do the moods and thoughts of men.
Everything in the world changes with time.
And behold, the already pale,
sepulchral autumn,
When yesterday the luxurious,
almost eternal summer ruled."
(Vincenzo Cardarelli)
There is something about nature, in the quietest months, that has always inspired poets, writers and artists. Maybe that's the reason that brought them to Isola Bella and Isola Madre. 
Does any of those famous names come to your mind?

#terreborromeo #lakemaggiore #lagomaggiore #borromeoexperience #stresa #italiantour #autunno #autumn
Essere bambini è un diritto!
Il 20 novembre si celebra la Giornata internazionale dei diritti dell’infanzia e dell’adolescenza in cui si riconosce anche il diritto dei bambini e delle bambine all’educazione.
Terre Borromeo si impegna a proporre esperienze formative alle classi delle scuole dell’infanzia, primarie e secondarie per far esplorare anche ai più giovani i tesori del Lago Maggiore.
Torneremo a imparare insieme divertendoci.
Being a child is a right!
November 20th is International Day for the Rights of Children and Adolescents, which also recognises the educational rights of boys and girls.
Terre Borromeo is committed to offering educational experiences to the classes of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools to encourage even the youngest minds to explore the treasures of Lake Maggiore.
We will return to learning together while having fun.

#terreborromeo #lakemaggiore #lagomaggiore #borromeoexperience #stresa
“Un baffo per la prevenzione” è il nome della campagna di sensibilizzazione verso i tumori maschili che per tutto il mese di novembre accompagnerà le iniziative del movimento Movember.
Se fosse partita nel 1600, siamo sicuri che anche Vitaliano VI Borromeo avrebbe partecipato a questa importante iniziativa per la nostra salute.
"A mustache for prevention" is the name of the campaign to raise awareness of male cancers and throughout November it will accompany the initiatives of the Movember movement.
If it had existed in 1600, we are sure that Vitaliano VI Borromeo would also have participated in this important initiative for our health.

#terreborromeo #lakemaggiore #lagomaggiore #borromeoexperience #stresa #movember
Le mura della Rocca di Arona sono ciò che resta di una storia lunga più di 1000 anni.
Gestita dal Comune di Arona, è però una proprietà della famiglia Borromeo che negli ultimi anni ha finanziato i lavori che consentiranno di completare il restauro conservativo e il consolidamento strutturale della prima cinta muraria.
Un bellissimo parco da visitare nel weekend.
The walls of the Rocca di Arona are what remain of over 1000 years of history.
Managed by the Municipality of Arona, it is actually a property of the Borromeo family which in recent years has financed the works to complete the conservative restoration and structural consolidation of the first walls.
A beautiful park to visit on the weekend. 

#terreborromeo #stresa #borromeoexperience #lakemaggiore #lagomaggiore #roccadiarona
“Ovunque ci sia un essere umano, vi è la possibilità per una gentilezza.” (Seneca).
Il 13 novembre si festeggia la Giornata Mondiale della Gentilezza, nata in Giappone nel 1998 grazie al Japan Small Kindness Movement.
Anche Terre Borromeo ricorda l'importanza dei piccoli gesti e dell'attenzione verso i nostri cari.
"Wherever there is a human being, there is a possibility for kindness." (Seneca).
November 13th celebrates World Day of Kindness, founded in Japan in 1998 thanks to the Japan Small Kindness Movement.
Terre Borromeo recalls the importance of small gestures and attention to our beloved.

#terreborromeo #lakemaggiore #lagomaggiore #borromeoexperience #stresa #WorldKindenssDay #MakeKindnessTheNorm
Regalare cultura è come regalare un viaggio.
I libri ci accompagnano alla scoperta di mondi nuovi attraverso storie di luoghi e persone.
Terre Borromeo continua a raccontarsi anche nelle proposte editoriali che trovate sullo shop online. Link in bio.
A gift of culture is a gift of adventure.
Books accompany us as we discover new worlds through stories of places and people.
Terre Borromeo continues to tell its story in the editorial proposals that you can find in our online shop. Link in bio.

#terreborromeo #lakemaggiore #lagomaggiore #borromeoexperience #stresa