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Lake Maggiore

Lago Maggiore stretches over a length of 66 km between the Italian and Swiss territories, from the Po valley to the Alpine peaks of The Ossola.
The second Italian lake basin in size terms, Lago Maggiore – also called Verbano – is of glacial origin and collects waters from the rivers Toce and Ticino; it is situated at an altitude of 194 metres above sea level, reaching a depth of 380 metres at Cannero Riviera.


If you have a heart and a shirt, sell your shirt and go to see the shores of Lago Maggiore.



With the Alps framing it and the picturesque towns overlooking its banks, the beauty of Lago Maggiore is enhanced by the pearl of the Golfo Borromeo.
The territories of Verbano, which have long been a source of inspiration for scholars, artists, musicians and writers from all over Europe, became a destination of their Grand Tours in the 19th century, and are still recognised today as a destination for élite tourism.

There are many well-known localities that give colour to its coasts.

Stresa Stresa


A key stage of the Grand Tour with the Borromean Islands


Baveno Baveno


At one time an important spa centre, today it is a resort location on the Golfo Borromeo


Arona Arona


A lively commercial centre, Saint Charles Borromeo was born here. The “San Carlone”, the spectacular copper and bronze statue that inspired the Statue of Liberty in New York, was built in memory of the great man


Angera Angera


Possessing picturesque charm and a thousand-year history, the town is famous for its medieval fortification, the Rocca di Angera


Cannero Riviera Cannero Riviera

Cannero Riviera

On the delta of the Torrente Cannero, off the town’s shoreline are the fairytale castles that emerge from the lake



A key stage of the Grand Tour with the Borromean Islands


Discovering the lake in a cruise

There is different and romantic way of experiencing Lago Maggiore. In a cruise, the waters of the Golfo Borromeo provide original perspectives and unforgettable views. For a visit you can choose between boat and private motorboat. La Navigazione dei Laghi and private firms offer routes linking up the main localities of Verbano that connect Italy to Switzerland.

The Lago Maggiore Express offers the possibility of a complete trip amid the wonders of The Ossola and Switzerland. You set out by train from one of the towns of the lake, reaching Locarno, to then continue by boat and enjoy a trip amid suspension bridges, valleys, gardens on the water and islands that seem like paintings.

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The educational proposal for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools extended to all locations in the Terre Borromeo.

Terre Borromeo

A story of love, protection and respect that has lasted for six centuries.

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Da venerdì 16 a domenica 18 settembre, la città di Angera promuove "Il
Raduno Internazionale Mongolfiere"!
Nove palloni voleranno sopra Terre Borromeo.
La manifestazione ha lo scopo benefico di raccogliere fondi per due associazioni del territorio: la Fondazione Renato Piatti Onlus e l'Associazione Genitori Bambini Down.
Dalla Rocca di Angera lo spettacolo sarà magico!
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Foto ©️Città di Angera - Foto di Luciano Manconi
From Friday 16th to Sunday 18th September, the city of Angera promotes "The
International Hot Air Balloon Meeting "!
Nine balloons will fly over Terre Borromeo.
The event has the charitable purpose of raising funds for two associations in the area: the Renato Piatti Onlus Foundation and the Down-Parents' Association.
From the Rocca di Angera the show will be magical!
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Photo © City of Angera - Photo by Luciano Manconi

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Passione per il bello e innovazione culturale, quest'anno iniziamo così!
Terre Borromeo organizza programmi didattici per le scuole di ogni ordine e grado nei suoi siti culturali e naturalistici, sul Lago Maggiore. Ogni attività è personalizzata, ideata per condividere esperienze, imparando.
Buon ritorno a scuola!
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Passion for beauty and cultural innovation, this is how we start this year!
Terre Borromeo organizes educational programs for schools of all levels in its cultural and naturalistic sites on Lake Maggiore. Each activity is personalized, designed to share experiences, learning.
Happy back to school!
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Accidenti, non era camomilla!
Non farti ingannare dall’Anthemis Arvensis, la pianta che si fa conoscere come falsa camomilla. I fiori hanno tutto l’aspetto di una margherita, ma con qualche differenza.
Lasciati guidare dagli occhi esperti dei nostri giardinieri per riconoscerle ed… evitare brutte sorprese. Guarda nelle stories!
Damn, it wasn't chamomile!
Don't be fooled by Anthemis Arvensis, the plant that makes itself known as false chamomile. The flowers have all the appearance of a daisy, but with some differences.
Let yourself be guided by the expert eyes of our gardeners to recognize them and… avoid nasty surprises. Look in the stories!

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