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Castles of Cannero: new life for the ancient splendour of the Vitaliana

The Castles of Cannero are living again, thanks to a significant restoration project strongly supported by the Borromeo family.

Located around three hundred metres from the west bank of Lago Maggiore, between the municipalities of Cannero and Cannobio, the Castles will be open to the public on completion of the project, which is expected to be within the next three years.

It will be a space that is also accessible to people with disabilities where, thanks to modern digital technologies, you will be able to relive the life of the 16th century, with its battles, and get to know the illustrious characters who passed through there. It will include an open-air itinerary, restoring the system of ancient patrol walkways, and it will be possible to climb to the top of one the towers to enjoy of an inimitable panoramic view of the lake and the territory.

In recent years the lakeside fortress has been placed at the centre of an in-depth archaeological investigation, scrupulous archive research and a meticulous historical analysis, which have made it possible to connect its construction with the work of Ludovico Borromeo from 1519.

The fortress, called “Vitaliana” in honour of the founder of the family, stands on the site of a pre-existing and undoubtedly more modest castle, known as Malpaga.

The complex restoration activities, carried out by an authoritative group of technicians and experts, coordinated by architect Salvatore Simonetti, who prepared the architectural and restoration projects for it, ensures that the well known Castles of Cannero will be able to return to their former splendour with all their historical and cultural heritage, after no less than five hundred years. The story of the fascinating restoration project is told in the volume “I Castelli del Cannero, la rinascita della Vitaliana” [The Castles of Cannero, the Rebirth of the Vitaliana], published by Scalpendi Editore with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo.

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