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The fauna

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Parco Pallavicino

The fauna

The Parco Pallavicino is famous above all for the over 50 species living here. Many of the animals were already here when the management of the park was taken over by the Borromeos in 2017, such as the zebras, kangaroos, coatis, sarus cranes and flamingos.

Some were added later – the Orobica goats, “Bellavista” mule, alpacas, donkeys, ferrets and Polverara chickens – and others were recovered by veterinarian Uberto Calligarich, who, as well as being responsible for the fauna of the Parco Pallavicino, is also the representative of the Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola for the safeguarding of wild animals. Now famous, also thanks to the television programmes attracted by this park, is Fanta the fox, abandoned on the day of its birth by its mother, perhaps after being disturbed by a hunter.

Pallavicino in fact welcomes animals that could no longer survive in their natural habitat, either because they were born in captivity or because abandonment or an incident has caused them permanent traumas.

antigone parco pallavicino volpe parco pallavicino

Then there is the space devised to enable visitors to experience unique direct contact with animals: the Farm. Here Tibetan and Saltasasso goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas and fallow deer roam free and are happy to be petted by visitors, particularly children. The administrators were keen to create this area to make a genuine, playful but also educational meeting possible, with respect and trust between humans and animals.

Come and discover the inhabitants of the Parco Pallavicino!