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J.M.W. Turner was so fascinated by them that he made a sketch of the garden in his notebook. Gabriele D’Annunzio dreamt of renting one. Carlo Goldoni devoted one of his theatrical works to them. Antonio Fogazzaro was inspired for the story of his “Piccolo Mondo antico” here.


The Isole Borromee have fascinated for centuries. Visiting these marvellous locations on Lago Maggiore today is a gift that everyone can afford to treat themselves to. Living the exclusive experiences designed based on the requirements of every customer is a luxury for true connoisseurs.

A vessel on the water: that is how Isola Bella appears when seen from above, a rock that since 1650 has been a place of delights on Lago Maggiore. Palazzo and garden represent the quintessence of Italian Baroque. The art collections and the wealth of the interiors of the princely dwelling are mirrored outside in the preciousness of the Baroque garden, where the Teatro Massimo and the ten flowering terraces dominate the scene.

Described by Flaubert as the most voluptuous place he had seen on earth, Isola Madre is the largest, most exotic island on Lago Maggiore. Rare botanical species from all over the world, animals with multi-coloured plumage and luxuriant vegetation make this island the perfect destination for lovers of nature and hidden beauty.

In a magical alchemy of panoramas, spacious courtyards, ancient halls and vaults, the Rocca di Angera on the Lombard side of Lago Maggiore, 20 minutes from Malpensa Airport, is the dream location for organising truly unique, unforgettable moments. A perfect setting for weddings, sophisticated receptions, buffets, cocktails, gala dinners and corporate events.

Two spirits inhabit Parco Pallavicino, those of its botany and its fauna. The great wonder of this park is its centuries-old trees, the liriodendrons, among the oldest in Italy, and the great cedar from Lebanon, set in the natural amphitheatre outside the villa. Charming views create the perfect setting for romantic and extraordinary events. Brooks, bridges, ponds and a farm with animals roaming free can provide the perfect place for orienteering or team building activities.

A mountain, seven lakes. From the peak of the Mottarone the gaze is lost in the infinite: from the Maritime Alps to the Monviso, from Monte Rosa to the Swiss Alps and the Po Valley. Among the most beautiful natural balconies in Europe, the Parco del Mottarone is an ideal natural gymnasium for a day of relaxation and activities immersed in nature: walking, bike excursions, trails through the woods or a gourmet break.


Living a #BorromeoExperience means discovering the splendour of these locations in different ways: from a private visit behind closed doors to hiring the whole location for private or business events.

Some examples

Princes for a day on Isola Bella

After official closing time, Palazzo Borromeo and the paintings in its enchanting Galleria opens wide its doors to couples, families or groups who wish to explore it in peace at sunset, with the privilege of returning home with what the New York Times has defined as one of the most charming views in the world. Guests spoiled with their own personal guide. A concession that would be worth the trip by itself, crowned – as if that were not enough – by an aperitif in the greenery of the elegant Baroque garden, among the most appreciated and best conserved of its time.
Avenues, blossoming espaliers, boxwood hedges outline the refined embroideries of plants that climb up the island from the water to the grand terrace overlooking Isola Madre and the Mottarone.


The experience on Isola Bella continues overnight. When the tourists leave and the last boat has cast off, you can retire among the comforts of a Borromeo’s Dream Home. The complex is the result of meticulous restructuring work on some old fishermen’s dwellings. Three elegant apartments have been created each with up to 8 bed places, all complete with kitchen, air conditioning and Wi-Fi.
Provisions for dinner can be purchased in the picturesque bistro in Vicolo del Fornello, a location with artisan shops but also for designer brand shopping.


In the Garden of Eden


The Island extends over eight hectares of botanical park around the sixteenth-century dwelling, which is also visitable privately. This too is brimming with its own rich historical heritage of inestimable value: from the charming library to the highly unusual puppet theatre, to the unexpected Venetian lounge inspired by the rococo of the lagoon.

Isola Madre Giardini
Isola Madre Giardini

Lords of the Middle Ages


A private guide can be requested for a journey in time to the Rocca di Angera. Flowers, herbs and fruit trees entrusted to the life cycles of nature and the seasons have found their home in the Medieval Garden. And then the historic rooms, with the Sala di Giustizia, frescoed in 1277 by the Master of Angera, which is an artistic jewel of rare charm.
Unexpectedly a jump into the present, by entering the Ala Scaligera, which every year since 2017 has hosted a contemporary art exhibition in a stimulating dialogue between the past and the new cultural trends.


Tasty breaks

A gastronomic experience could not be lacking in the Terre Borromeo.
At the Parco del Mottarone, at the top of the mountain of the same name, the Rifugio Genziana restaurant offers the authentic tastes and aromas of the mountain, revisited with the creativity and technique of chef Francesco Luoni.

Rocca Angera Giardino Medievale
Rocca Angera Giardino Medievale

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Terre Borromeo

A story of love, protection and respect that has lasted for six centuries.

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Sapevate che l'etimologia del nome Borromeo ha il sapore di una leggenda?
Vaghi racconti ci narrano che un certo Lazzaro – il primo presunto esponente della casata Borromeo – si recò a Roma nel 1300 per compiere il pellegrinaggio dell’Anno Santo.
Al suo ritorno gli venne assegnato il nome di “Bon Romeo”, ovvero “buon pellegrino che è stato a Roma”, e da questo soprannome sarebbe derivato il cognome della famiglia.
Un'altra storia ci racconta che la famiglia Borromeo proviene dal borgo di San Miniato al Tedesco, che abbandona nel 1370, per costruire, nei secoli, un patrimonio di bellezze di cui l’Isola Bella è l’espressione più compiuta.
Scoprite di più nelle nostre Storie nella Storia!
Did you know that the etymology of the name Borromeo has the flavor of a legend?
Vague stories tell us that a certain Lazzaro – the first presumed exponent of the Borromeo family – went to Rome in 1300 to make the pilgrimage of the Holy Year.
On his return he was given the name "Bon Romeo", or "good pilgrim who was in Rome", and this nickname is where the family surname would have derived from.
Another story tells us that the Borromeo family came from the village of San Miniato al Tedesco, which the family abandoned in 1370, to build, over the centuries, a heritage of beauty, of which Isola Bella is the most complete expression.
Discover more in our Stories through History!

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Dal latino extraordinarius, composto da extra «fuori» e ordo-dĭnis «ordine».
Significa non ordinario, inconsueto, che non rientra nella normalità, grandissimo, singolare, eccezionale.
Tutti aggettivi adatti per descrivere l’unicità del progetto che Vitaliano VI concepì realizzando l’Isola Bella e che vi raccontiamo nella mostra “Vitaliano VI. L’invenzione dell’Isola Bella” a Palazzo Borromeo.
Ritratti, medaglie, documenti e opere mai esposte al pubblico testimoniano come prese vita uno dei più straordinari esempi dello stile barocco nell’Italia nord-occidentale.
La visita è compresa nel biglietto di ingresso a Palazzo Borromeo sull'Isola Bella. Aperta fino al 1° novembre 2021.
Main sponsor: @aon_italia
From the Latin “extraordinarius”, composed of extras "out" and ordo-dènis "order".
It means not ordinary, unusual, that it does not fall within normality, great, singular, exceptional.
All of these adjectives are suitable to describe the uniqueness of the project that Vitaliano VI conceived by creating Isola Bella, as you will discover in the exhibition "Vitaliano VI: The Invention of Isola Bella" at Palazzo Borromeo.
Portraits, medals, documents and works never before exhibited to the public all showcase how one of the most extraordinary examples of the Baroque style in northwestern Italy came to life.
The visit is included in the entrance ticket to Palazzo Borromeo on Isola Bella. Open until November 1ST 2021.
Main sponsor: @aon_italia

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