The Rocca d’Angera garden is progressively transforming into a mean of interpretation and understanding of the medieval times. The place is committed to all the enthusiasts, families and schools. The last step of this transformation occurred with the restoration of the medieval gardens. The study of many medieval codices and documents brought to life the first realization of a temporary exhibition about the three kind of gardens: il Giardino dei Principi (The Garden of Princes), il Verzere and Il Giardino delle Erbe Piccole. Years after, it was created a vast representation of the three above on a great terrace overlooking the Lago Maggiore.
Outside the Rocca, Borromeo master gardeners devised the realization of a complex process that will thoroughly implement, year after year, many of the gardens described in the ancient codices.
All around the ancient church of the Rocca d’Angera many small bushes have grown and prosper. Vegetation looks exactly like ancient master gardeners prescribed: a healing herb bush here, a graceful ornamental plant yonder, meticulously grown according to a geometrical pattern and a list of unbending rules. This great effort comes from the will of the ancient masters to reproduce what we can call a “paradise lost”.