The historical halls

The magnificent Rocca d’Angera is the graceful result of the merge of five different buildings from various era, spacing from the medieval times to the Fifteenth Century: the Torre Castellana, Ala Scaligera, Ala Viscontea, Torre di Giovanni Visconti and the Ala dei Borromeo.
It’s almost impossible not to feel the strength and the importance of the building, and you will taste the solemnity of the Sala del Buon Romano, della Mitologia, delle Cerimonie, di San Carlo, dei Fasti Borromeo where great paintings, portraits and polished furniture take your mind to ancient, long-gone eras.
The great Sala della Cerimonia, where you can enjoy many significant pieces of the Lombard profane painting tradition.
The chariot of the Sun and the chariot of the Moon between Leo and Cancer.
Barrels in the ancient cellar.
Sala dei Fasti.