Rocca di Angera

The Rocca d’Angera proudly stands on a spur of rock that dominates the southern shores of Lago Maggiore. Located in a strategic position to monitor the trade routes, it was house of the Visconti family from Verbano. During 1449 the Borromeo family acquired it. Inside the Rocca a delightful itinerary will make you discover the great historical halls, recently enriched with the addition of the Sala delle Maioliche, an extraordinary collection counting 300 pieces.
The Museum of Dolls and Toys, the greatest in Europe, will amaze you with the incredible collection of dolls and toys from a long-time-gone era. The history of dolls and playtime explains itself through the evolution of crafting materials, behavioral and educational boundaries, court connections and coeval fashion. To create a perfect frame for the Museum, the exquisite Medieval Garden full of symbolic meaning, realized after accurate studies on ancient codices, old documents and pictures.

"If the tourist wishes to continue along the road, he will be afforded beautiful views of the castle..."
(S. Butler, 1882)