The garden is a heaven where

you can see statues and architectural decors set amidst the perfect green geometry of botanical treasures. Many trusted and capable gardeners trim, fertilize and experiment, preserving this place of wonders from the passage of time. A two-hundred-years-old camphor tree welcomes you at the garden's entrance. Crossing the gate, you will experience the breath-taking panorama of the Amphitheater in the middle of the island. This Italian garden with a baroque taste spreads on parterres and terraces placed at different heights and sprinkled with statues, obelisks, ageless stone stairs and balustrades. This results in an impressive view, displaying the power and magnificence of the noble house.
You can walk the garden boulevards to reach the highest terrace of the island, a true command bridge where you can enjoy the view of the blue lake surrounding this enchanting man-made garden.