During 1500, the island was redeemed from the Novara’s diocese.

After only two years the works started to convert the biggest of all the islands of the Borromeo’s gulf first into an orchard, then an olive tree grove and, at last, into a citrus grove.
Today the Isola Madre is a botanical garden like there is no other, famous for the rare vegetable essences hailing from all over the world. This British-fashioned park offers shady boulevards where you can promenade or stop by a fine telescope to enjoy the panorama. Amidst green slopes, the botanist is provided with a great variety of subjects to test himself and the tourist can cherish the continuous blooming, result of a hard work.
Every moment of the year allows a new flower to bloom and the discovery of new hidden corners. From the magnolia and bamboo brushes to the scented wisteria pergolas and the citrus espaliers. From the ancient perfect flower’s parterres to the overflowing ponds of lilies and lotus flowers.