The palazzo

Chinas and liveries, family portraits, tapestries and four-poster beds embellished with rich brocades: this are some of the details to create a perfect fresco of the courtly life you will taste inside the palazzo. The Isola Madre’s palazzo, opened to the public in 1978, exposes furniture gathered from many Borromeo residences. The palazzo drives you into an historical trip made of the environments of the lifestyle during XVI and XVII centuries. The particular beauty of the Venetian living room with embellished walls a la trompe l’oeil reminds us of a blossoming gazebo. You cannot miss the little marionettes theaters of house Borromeo, whose representations, mostly for recreational purposes, involved all members of the family since the middle XVII, friends and servants included. The great windows offer the view of the Borromeo gulf with Isola Bella and Isola dei Pescatori, and the sight appears so graceful that your eyes and mind will wonder.
The Hall is full of paintings of the great Giovanni Battista Costa from Milano, historical painter and portraitist
Third room: the stage and the backcloth of the infernal set with skeletons, devils and ghosts.
The yellow bedroom: In the middle, you will notice a family cradle with the emblem of the family carved on the wooden base
The four-poster bed