The emblem

The fascinating lecture of the emblem of the family introduces you to the history of the noble house.
The unicorn entered the emblem of the Borromeo family in 1445. According to the tradition, it symbolizes honor, virtue and devotion.
The camel that rests in a basket with a crown on which lops an ostrich feather helmet symbolizes obedience, patience and fealty.
The three gold circles with a diamond pointy-end are linked together in such manner that the removal of one will break them all. This symbolized the indissoluble bond between the families Borromeo, Sforza and Visconti.
The silver bit recalls the heroic deeds of Giovanni Borromeo, who defeated the Swiss forces that threatened the feudal possessions of the family in 1487. Since then, it represents strength.
The golden cedar recalls the gardens of Isola Bella and Isola Madre. It symbolizes the mild weather of the place.
The motto “HUMILTAS” written in a black, gothic font appeared for the first time in 1445 and became the motto of San Carlo Borromeo, pointing out the humility you need to reach out God.
The blonde braids refer to Santa Giustina, whose sacrifice ennobled the family. The waves refer to the ancient crest of the Vitaliani family of Padova. The wings refer to the Arese family that joined the Borromeo in 1652 with the wedding of Earl Renato Borromeo and Giulia Arese.
Some symbols from the family crest: the unicorn, the three circles, the camel and cedars are now part of the quality merchandising you can find in our shops. The crest underlines the important bound between the family and these beautiful islands’ history.